How To Make The Most Of A Small Apartment?

Residing in a bustling city does have its many advantages; from easy access to all major necessities, such as schools, hospitals, and supermarkets, to more efficient commute to the workplace, through public transport. More and more individuals are now moving to large cities in order to make their lives easier and more manageable. The main downside of city-life, however, is that due to the growing lack of space, apartment buildings are more common in the city compared to individual houses, and most apartments tend to be small and cramped. Larger apartments prove to be highly expensive. Therefore, most working-class individuals prefer residing in smaller apartments.

While a small apartment is not the most vivid example of a spacious and vibrant home, minor changes can be done to ensure that the space you have acquired is displayed in its maximum possible positive light.

There are several ways in which this can be achieved:

Furniture choices

Choosing the right furniture for your apartment is essential. Bigger, bulkier furniture will not be suitable for a small apartment. One should choose sleek and practical furniture. However, it does not have to be boring or lacking in character. Simple features such as an inexpensive bookcase may be used as a decorative display to showcase any collections, and can double as a usable piece of furniture to hold not only books but other objects that provide services beyond decoration.

Carpets and rugs can also be used to maximize space. For example of choosing a smaller rug to fit the dimensions of a couch, a larger rug underneath the floor space occupied by the couch will extend the illusion of a larger space. This perfect garden planter boxes, especially those that can be installed on window ledges and sills, can be used to incorporate elements of nature without the need for an actual garden space.

Wall colour

The size of a space can be reduced or enlarged dramatically with the right colour for the walls. Generally, the darker the colour, the smaller your space will look. Hence, painting your walls white will make the apartment appear larger than it is. Furthermore, lever features such as hanging full-length mirrors on a wall will create the illusion of a larger space with the reflection it creates. Additionally, when using such accessories as curtains, installing the curtains higher above the actual starting point of the window will create the illusion of higher ceilings.

Lighting features

White or yellow lighting, as opposed to dim or coloured lighting, also contributes in making your apartment space appear larger or you can opt for a good pots in your area to create a nice ambiance. Choosing overheard lights, such as a chandelier will illuminate the space from above, making it appear larger. Moreover, strategically placed lights above paintings, sculptures, and mirrors will add to the illusion of a bigger space.