How To Maintain A Buffalo Lawn?

Popularity of buffalo lawn is well established. And you can enjoy many benefits by opting for such lawn. But are you aware of its maintenance?

A buffalo grass lawn needs proper maintenance though this type of lawn is easy to maintain. But still you should take proper care of this lawn to make it last longer and in good condition.

5 steps to maintain your buffalo lawn
Right soil must be chosen – Before using a buffalo grass lawn, a dweller must choose the right soil to avoid future complications. If after doing a soil test any nutrient or soil difficulty is found, then fix this issue. Old soil is not good for a lawn. It is hard to establish such a lawn on hillsides. Loads of organics can be mixed with the existing soil before the installation of a buffalo lawn. For furtherinformation, here’s helpful site for turf.

Iron is required – Additional amount of iron is needed for a buffalo lawn. One can possibly apply a low-priced supplement of Iron at least once in a year either in Autumn or in Spring time for improving the condition of this lawn. A buffalo lawn is soft and you can walk on it barefoot. Even after getting appropriate water and mowed at the right heights, if your lawn look dull, then it is an indication that an Iron supplement is really required.

Mowing ought to be done – You may think that mowing is not significant for a buffalo lawn. However, this is not the right thinking. Mowing is able to prevent the growth of more thatch in a lawn, could reduce the risk of damaging, scalping the buffalo lawn and it could give birth to additional leaf to make the lawn softer than earlier. If you mow more, you will need extra supplemental water for maintenance. It is recommended to mow a lawn either more or less than every 10 days especially in hot season.

Give adequate water to your lawn – It is advisable to give adequate water to your lawn in the mornings only. It fills one’s lawn along with water for the whole day only when the climate is warm. When somebody give water at night, the water goes away through the soil and whenever it is left on the surface of the lawn overnight it causes fungal diseases. Over watering can cause diseases.

Irrigation is needed – Irrigation is needed sometimes to maintain a buffalo lawn. Truly speaking, a buffalo lawn is suitable in those places which have drier climates. Irrigation is required for a lawn particularly in those countries which experience dry springs. It needs only one third to one half of water. But excessive watering could destroy it completely.