Colored Diamonds Can Add Color To Your Life And Style

Precious stones have been forever admired for its exquisiteness and rarity. There are different varieties of them present all across the globe and today we are going to discuss about one of the most striking and expansive stone which is indeed exclusive and an unusual one!

A pink diamond has for long been a desire for many women. Only a few privileged ones have been able to adorn and own one. The demand for this valuable stone is huge and they are beautifully available in fancy shades and due to this character, its demand is now on the rise even more. 

This is an exclusive and a very natural stone benchtops Melbourne. The pink diamond is mined in countries like India, Africa and Brazil in small portions. However in Western Australia there is the Argyle mine which is located in the isolated Kimberly Region, there are naturally occurring pink stones available in huge quantity. More than 90% of this diamonds that is supplied all across the world come from the Argyle diamond mine. 

In the market today you may come across a flotilla of pink shaded gemstones, however if you thought them to be the real ones, then you probably are hugely mistaken. In the market today, there are very few of these diamonds that have been produced in the natural way. Even if you try to work though the most efficient and advanced of diamond enhancement methods, it will still be extremely tough to create one that is as close to the original one. Visit this page for further information regarding marbles

These are highly valued gems which are produced naturally deep inside the Earth. There comes a point when in the crust of the Earth, the point of production of carbon gets mixed with some composites and minerals. It is then that these inclusions or minerals finally get ensnared as the diamond starts to crystallize. Once when these minerals get cautiously trapped within the crystal itself, they are secured and cannot get vaporized even in the presence of heat. It is due to the presence of these inclusions that this particular kind of stone gets its color, which is indeed an incomparable find. The diamond forms due to the presence of concentrated heat and pressure and hence the carbon crystallizes. So you yourself can understand that so many things happen naturally, and it is only after passing this process, that one gets to visualize and is lucky to own such a priceless and special gem. 

In general, most of the diamonds that we come across do not possess any color. There are few which are brown in color however these kinds of stones are not very high on demand as the pink ones. If you too wish to buy one, do a bit of research work and if you’re carefully shop around, you may be lucky to come across one that’s affordable yet exclusive as the pink diamond.